This exhibition hopes to provoke and inform the reader of the nature of sensory expression and to enhance their ability to perceive sensorial connections in response to an art object.   A significant part of this has involved documenting each artist’s individual inquiry into the theme of the Sensorial Object, from inert material and empty studio space through to exhibited art object.  Our hope has been to gain insight into the sensory connections and tacit relationships that takes place between artist and their working environment / artist and material / artist and process.

We asked each artist to respond to the questions below in the form of visual imagery and written jottings, with the intention of triggering thoughts and encouraging reflection on the tacit sensory relationship they have to their material, their working space and their creative process

The Beginning:

Could you describe the beginning of your creative process in relation to the theme of this exhibition, what was your very first thought, what was your sensory experience of this moment?

If you have already begun to create the artwork intended for the exhibition, can you identify how your chosen material has informed your initial ideas?

Can you identify how your space or the environment in which you work has informed your initial ideas?


Can you describe your relationship to your working material in its inert state?  Does this change during your creative working practice?

Can you identify the nature of your interaction with materials, the exchange that takes place between your ideas/intention and the resistance or malleability of material?

Describe your sensory experience in these moments – the position/movement of your body, the particular aspect of your process or actions you were performing in that moment?


Can you describe your working space – what are the dominant, significant features of this space for you?   Do you have any specific rituals or actions you perform when entering your space before or as a way into your working practice?  Or that take place throughout your working practice?

Final Stages

Are you able to pin point the change in your interaction with material, process and environment from beginning through development to completion of the artwork?

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