Cross-disciplinary writings

An interweaving of cross-disciplinary thoughts, exploring the sensorial capacity of the domestic object through theory and practice.




One response to “Cross-disciplinary writings

  1. i suppose in so many ways, it is not unusual for artists to find ‘the sensorial object’ so fascinating, especially those who choose to dabble in ‘material art’. but would i be going too far if i were to suggest that much of the current fascination with this is rather because such artists are also very tired of the ‘esoteric art’, or tendencies to make ecclesiastical statements, to glorify aesthetic reason … then again should not artists try to also be outspoken about the ‘sense fetish’? for somebody has to point out that the ‘world of materials’ is not the same thing as the material world. it is also most intriguing that UNDERSTANDING, EXPERIMENTATION, EMBODIED IDEAS, VALUE DECISIONS (as in artistic intention), CULTURE find their ways into these reflections on ‘sense experience’.


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