Funda Susamoglu – Reflections on materials, process and space

Drawing is my usual thinking process to start with. Visualising the thoughts, getting it out of your head to a piece of paper, where you start to think of variations and solutions about the building process. Drawing and writing sometimes comes together, thoughts about the general theme and details start to come up. These moments of enlightenment during the process of drawing, writing and experiments with materials are the moments which I seek and try to capture and make visible. So all these processes are documents that I collect which can be part of the work.

The making process in ceramics is a period made up of many moments where ideas meet the real world and material drives you to create solutions.  All that struggle and negotiation is the very interesting part of the work of art.  I try to capture that feeling of movement, the process of making with the marks textures, different layers of materials, which I collect and bring in to the studio for some reason.

The studio is usually a table for me.  The surrounding area can be packed with stuff but I keep the table top empty till the moment comes to start to get the things out of my head on to the table. I like thinking of the tools as they are waiting for that precious moment that they will fully save the day and materials with different talents which can’t replace each other.  Putting on the apron is another act of getting ready for negotiation.  The beginning can usually feel tense, because I have a sense of what I want but I don’t know exactly what will come out and how it will be done.  So the table, apron and the tools became main characters in my work.  The studio is the equivalent to the space that you open up in your mind.  From some of the videos that I took while I was working, I realised that my physical movements are much less than I felt, there were more stable moments where I just stare at the work and the mind is where the working takes place.

That’s why I usually start with a plan, knowing that it will change and allowing myself to be a viewer and making the process visible in the end. I do try to allow that surprise for myself as well.  In the building process the construction allows the material to take over and spatially the installations in the end are the collection of photos, drawings and experiments with various materials which usually comes together differently every time; hoping to make visible that creative research where these objects I make and collect are creating a new order of dialogue.









Funda S5



Funda S4



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