Ainsley Hillard – Reflections on materials, process and space

I considered the idea of what is a sensorial object, making connections with the interior space and the domestic objects. How the textures of natural light within that space animate objects and make one aware of a temporal dimension and the merging and intersecting of the visual and tactile senses.

…the moment, captured yet un-graspable in the interweaving material forms.

I am drawn to specific spaces and want to question how do we grasp space and place?  I strive to evoke the sensual, material, aesthetic and emotional dimensions of place.

I am interested in materializing the immaterial. I want the viewer to be drawn in to the structure of the fabric, and embrace an embodied and haptic means of looking, mapping the surfaces of objects, giving close attention to materiality and what David Michael Levin terms as an ‘alethic gaze’ a bodily felt visual encounter with what is being seen.

The photographic images are de-saturated, however, there are tones of blue and green in the printed weft … the cool tones of the print aesthetically give an ephemeral, light and airy sense to the works, referencing that which is tangible and intangible.

Of greater importance is the transfiguring of a two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional material structure. This requires an active bodily engagement that includes both vision and touch.

The photographic images are heat transferred on to one side of the weft yarn. The weft yarn is then unravelled and wound on to a shuttle. The process is entirely done by hand through to hand weaving the photographic image through the nylon warp.

The bodily experience of weaving provides the basis for exploring the poetics of woven moments. Repetition and reflection, through the process of construction and merging of the image into woven cloth.

Textile as concept and medium.

001_Ainsley Studio








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